Once More Unto the Breach

by Flat Back Four



Flat Back Four's third studio E.P., recording in February 2008 with Fish at Madhouse studio, Crewe.


released February 4, 2008



all rights reserved


Flat Back Four Saint Helens, UK

Flat Back Four are a punk band from St Helens in England, formed in 2004. They play fast, aggressive songs that combine punk and metal influences, with plenty of melody and sing-along hooks.
They released "Ste's Mum Calling" in November 2016, and celebrated with a tour taking in England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
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Track Name: Burn the Flag
Take back the streets in anger
At the public apathy
Ignorance animates the nation
And gags the majority
You're marching, we're fighting
Now we're hungry to be seen and heard
You don't vote but you scream in protest
Your democracy is quite absurd

And we will stand our ground until you learn
That we are not a danger to the world
We're merely players in the game of life
A game that you call burn the flag

Switch off the TV in anger
At the empty slogan fest
Opinion for opinion's sake
No debate just a shouting test
We're marching, you're shouting
The real world is not as simple as that
The ability to make it seem so
Manipulates the working class


It's a quest for a new utopia
Can Jerusalem be builded here?
There's a place in the new world order
For those who face their fears
Our rights as citizens are dearly bought
And you enjoy the freedom that we fight for
Yet burn the flag
Track Name: Dogs Actually
One winter day we were bored down at the park
We had a bark and listened to it
Echo back from the lonely garden walls
The empty shadows of our owners

An alley beckoned, we reckoned we could feckle
Something to do for entertainment
We tipped a bin, then Patch said ‘let’s see Tim’!
He’ll have a break and we can sing that…

A dog is for life and not just for Christmas
If she was my wife I'd poison her biscuits
We're man's best friends, we're with you to the end


We’ll have a laugh, and maybe go the caff
A chilli barm will keep the cold out
Then Patch said ‘Tim, have you seen that bint?’
He said ‘she heard that: she’s behind you!’


Remember when, she smelled that funny smell
Above the smell that we all smell when
She sprays that stuff, tries to hides that she’s so rough
A faded icon of temptation

I know she thinks we’re vermin
But we’re not the ones wearing fake ermine
We’ve got fleas, she’s got STDs
From Friday nights spent on her knees

Track Name: If I Die Tonight
Would it bring me peace tonight
The wisdom of the years
Soothe the pain of growing old
And end those nagging fears
Would it let me live those dreams in death
That I've only dreamed in life

If I die tonight

Would it free me from the past
The chains of memory
Liberate the child inside
To be what he could be
Would it let me always be my best
Better than I’ve been in life

If I die tonight

Would it lay my heart to rest
Amidst the bleaching bones
End the quest to pass the test
And find the place called home
Would it let me live an endless life
In pleasure more than pain

If I die tonight

Though I’m mournful sometimes I confess
I know I’ll come through this test
At best, irresistible

Though I’m searching for a way from this mess
I know I won’t find it in death
Life is all we have